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Located in Changxing County, the junction of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, Zhejiang Hoson-Elec enjoys convenient transportation. Hoson-Elec manages business including professional design, production and sales, mainly producing high frequency transformer, E-type inductors, SMD patch inductors, common mode filters, choke inductors and magnetic rings. The company is equipped with modern plant, office building and staff dormitories, etc. With the leading full-automatic winding machines, casing molding machines, full-automatic foot cutters and other equipment, Hoson-Elec can produce 15 million E-type inductors and 60 million choke inductors, and 15 million independently developed epoxy choke inductors every month.Hoson-Elec is dedicated to pursuing scientific innovation, adhering to the slogan of "Develop through Innovati···

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07 2020-07

In order to better introduce talents and the future prospects, our company went to Shaanxi from June 10 to 12 to partic···

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